What is the Girls Innovate! Teen Committee?

The Girls Innovate! Teen Committee is a committee made up of girls (ages 12 and up) interested in developing their visionary leadership by making an impact through the Girls Innovate! organization for the community at large.

Teen Committee members:

  • Are girls with high potential for leadership in the organization through their 1) interest in Girls Innovate! mission and programs; 2) participation as volunteers and high-level contributors; and 3) capacity for entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Will help organize and lead workshops and events that bring the community together, as well as incubate innovative social impact projects that serve the community at-large.
  • Join via an application and participatory process. We will review your application as well as your perspective on visionary leaders, workshops and events, and your willingness to contribute as a volunteer.
  • Meet once a month at Teen Committee meetings.
  • Are expected to attend at least one workshop/event per month, in addition to the Teen Committee meetings.

Members of the Teen Committee:

  • Provide wisdom and input to Girls Innovate! community.
  • Organize and lead workshops, projects and events.
  • Benefit from insight of committee with the help of mentors for girls.
  • Inspire other young women to become independent innovators with training from mentors and the committee.
  • Meet others your age who are also passionate about making an impact.
  • Gain networks and connections through speakers and committee members.
  • Help make ideas a reality by taking action and initiative through a whole-team effort.
  • Lead innovative social and entrepreneurial impact projects.
  • Learn valuable skills for visionary leadership.
Joining the Teen Committee

We have filled our Teen Committee for this school. Check back in late spring to learn about opportunities for the coming school year. Thanks for visiting us!

2014-15 Teen Committee Members
ARUSHI AGARWAL (9th grade)
Projects & Events Team, Gavel Club Project Manager

"Girls Innovate will help me to voice my ideas and to implement them to make a difference in society."

Arushi plays the flute, enjoys reading, and doing community service.
ANIKA BAGGA (9th grade)
Project & Events Team, Gavel Club Project Leader

“Visionary leaders are inspiring, action-oriented people filled with grit. Through Girls Innovate!, I hope learn, lead, and provide knowledge and education to the ones who need it most.”

Anika is passionate about dance and art. Along with that, she volunteers at her dentists office and is embedded in the Red Cross, Silicon Valley volunteer connection program.
CELINA CHOW (11th grade)
Finance Team
"One of the leaders I especially admire is Gandhi because he was a quiet person, like me, who still managed to create a drastic impact and become a leader despite his shy personality."

Celina does volunteer work at her high school, plays piano and ukelele, is an active girl scout and enjoys playing badminton.
SAPNA DESAI (9th grade)
Media Team

"Many people can be a visionary and dream up great visions of the future. A visionary leader has the will and commitment to bring it to the world."

Sapna plays basketball, golf, taekwondo, and piano, and she is interested in robotics.
BRIDGET LI (8th grade)
Media Team

On being visionary: "It means that you do what's best for the people that support you. If your ideas aren't popular, you still keep going."

Bridget is involved in her school math club and yearbook. She plays the flute, takes Chinese lessons, and plays basketball.
ISHIKA NARAIN (10th grade)
Projects & Events Team

"Someone who is innovative thinks outside the box and has unique ideas. They should also be able to make their ideas real... they should not be afraid to express their ideas."

Ishika is on her school's robotic team and is an active girl scout, having recently earned her Girl Scouts Silver Award. She is especially interested in getting girls interested in technology.
EMMA O'HARA (11th grade)
TC President, VP of Projects & Events

"Collaboration is one of the most powerful things in this world, and I really do believe the Teen Committee harnesses that power."

Emma runs cross country and track and is involved in her school's Gay Straight Alliance Club. She also is a girl scout, working on her Gold Award, the highest award in scouting.
SANJANA SHAH (8th grade)
Technology Team, Webmaster

"Leadership is a capacity to translate vision into reality - Warren Bennis. The Teen Committee at Girls Innovate! provides me an excellent platform to enhance my leadership skills, and help the team make an impact in inspiring girls to join STEM fields."

Sanjana is in Student Council of her school. She is a competitive swimmer and likes to participate in speech, debate, math and science tournaments.
LYDIA SUN (11th grade)
VP, Social & Digital Media

“A leader directs a path for others, but also is not afraid to let his or her followers find their own."

Lydia runs cross country and track, and likes to read and make videos in her spare time. Her videography has carried over into school and work, where she creates community service videos and is part of her school district's TV Team.
LANGLEY TOPPER (11th grade)
Media Team

"I admire Rebecca Van Dyck, the head of consumer marketing at Facebook. Brenda Villa is also a role model for me. A girl from a low socioeconomic area of LA, Brenda is a Stanford graduate, 4-time Olympic water polo player and currently teaching children from low-income areas of Menlo Park to swim.

Langley plays water polo and lacrosse and participates in her school's theatre department and debate team. She also is an active Girl Scout, working on her Gold Award.
ERICA WANG (9th grade)
Technology Team

"I think being a visionary leader means to look into the future... they do not let events in the past slow them down and always learn from their mistakes."

Erica is in the school's math and electric car club. She also plays the piano and studies essay writing.
SERENA WANG (9th grade)
Media Team

I want to... "learn how to interview people"... An innovator is... "someone who tries and learns something they haven't learned before"... A leader I admire is "JFK".

Serena runs cross country and track and field and she is leader of her school's Minecraft club.
CATHY ZHANG (9th grade)
Treasurer, VP of Technology

"As one of three selected representatives of my school, I had a great experience attending American Association of University Women Tech Trek at Stanford this summer. Through this camp, I was further inspired to continue a learning path in STEM."

Cathy does mixed martial arts, piano, flute, computer programming, and participates in math and science competitions.
Not pictured: Anyka Chan, Grace Chen, Samantha Lee
Photos by Lydia Sun & Bridget Li